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I am new to this forum so forgive any errors.
I am wondering about the virtues of gold media for CDs or DVDs. I have read studies that link longevity mainly to the dye type in media, phthalocyanine dye being most stable. But, the same studies say that gold is more stable than silver.
I know that Mitsui has a gold DVD now and have had gold CDs for many years yet when I did a forum search for Mitsui Gold I get nothing. (Is Mitsui the same as Mitsubishi?)
I’m kind of baffled since the chief archivist at my college uses Mitsui gold CDs in his archiving project and swears by them. He actually does testing for bler and other errors/degradation with expensive equipment.
Sorry for rambling but I am puzzled that I get no hits for threads on Mitsui gold or even Mitsui.


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You’ opening a can of worms with Mitsui, as the company (MAM) has splitted into two companies (MAM-A and MAM-E), producing media of rather different quality. Now lots of us, here, are very skeptical with anything MAM.

Things aren’t clear, at least to me, as which Mitsui media can be considered as good or not. But I think that [B]Dakhaas [/B]and [B]Dolphinius Rex[/B] are quite knowledgable when it comes to the whole MAM topic.

“Archival” quality, and use of gold in the reflective layer, can be total marketing bull**it, as the manufacturing quality is just as important as the material used. Don’t buy into hype without having consulted tests from reliable sources.

I don’t know how you tried to search the forum, but I found lots of posts related to Mitsui gold media:

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Interesting threads at

And one of the reasons why we are numerous to be skeptical with MAM media:


I just got ZERO on your search link. Strange…


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Just click advanced search, input [I]mitsui gold[/I] in the box, check “show the results as posts” and here you go. :cool: