Gold media for Archival of photos in Australia

i don’t know…
this is a long shot
its for archival of photos

i am looking for

kodak gold ultimas ? has anyone seen them lately at all?
or mitsui gold ??? (there are some mitsumi media… i think they are not as good)

any other ones?

i have tried TY but they don’t seem as long lasting as kodak gold ultimas

i have tried this test myself…
put all different cds and stuff under the sun facing up for several weeks

the TY’s started to peel

and some other CMC or something else stred to die as well

after several weeks
only 1 cd survived… it was a kodak gold… not only surivived but its also readable…

so i am looking for the BEST media for backing up phtoos


Kodak isn’t made these days.
So the best option will be some other gold disc’s with excellent coatings.

Manufacturers that still make gold disc’s are.
Mitsui (Mitsui Gold, MAM-E Pro Studio, MAM-E medical,Klone, Quantegy)

those kodak golds were pretty good! i wish i could have bought a ton of them!
its a shame that i burned most of them at 8x

ive heard they were so good that they burned a pretty high speeds!

The are some Kodak gold ultima on Ebay Germany for the moment:

1,2 euro for a cdr !? :eek:

Yes the kodak gold 8X (works good up to 24X but not higher) was excellent. And the same goes for mitsui gold (good up to 16X, even though some was 24X certified).

Personally I’ve never had peeling TY’s :confused: But I’ve had peeling discs of other brands (Verbatim/mitsubishi, ritek, Lead data).

I have some discs made by prodisc (4X certified, phthalocyanine, branded as megadata) that have been stored and used for years and still works perfect! The problem with prodisc nowadays is that the quality varies a lot from brand to brand and even from batch to batch.

Personally I prefer TY for archival (beside Kodak/mitsui gold). I’ve never had a problems with TY’s have old 4X TY’s (sony branded) that still works excellent, no peeling…

On the other hand I picked up 300 verbatim/mitsubishi discs for CHEAP (0.3 € per disc, that is CHEAP in Norway) and will be using these now…hopefully these will also last a while.

One awesome TY disc I used in the past were the ones from Emtec called Ceram Guard. There topcoating was excellent. The combination of TY disc with this extreme coating made a excellent disc. These disc’s never let me down. However Emtec stopped production of these.(There now made by MBIL :frowning: )

first of all, no matter how good a cdr is u shouldn’t expect it to last in the sun.

now since u live in australia i suggest verbatim super azo or TY if u can get any. i know that there is plenty of super azo’s around so use them. forget kodak, they are dead, even if u found some i guarantee u that they would sell for about $3 a disk. i saw some verbatim super azo at K-mart the other day, a spindle of 50 for $35. in australia thats the best price ive seen for high quality discs.

u could also get some tdk (ritek) 50 for $30 but the protective coating on them is inferior to verbatim. id pay an exra $5 for more protection.

Originally posted by cd pirate
first of all, no matter how good a cdr is u shouldn’t expect it to last in the sun.

i agree. to say that a disc is somehow inferior because it doesn’t last in the sun for several weeks is like saying that a car’s dent-resistant doors don’t stand up too well to sledgehammers. unless u actually plan to leave the discs out in the sun for extended periods of time (for whatever strange reason), this isn’t really a valid test of its durability.

On one hand I agree since normally this isn’t a good ageing condition. However it does show the potential of how good it is against UV. I did some tests myself. Point is that disc’s that turned out bad overtime didn’t survive one month outside while disc’s which never had let me down worked still after a month.

And the Verbatim AZO printable media, Ceram Guard TY media were some of them so picking up the Verbatim Azo might not be a very bad idea.

leaving them out in the sun is a good test if u want to leave them out in the sun. my point is that such a test doesn’t prove any direct correlation between durability under normal conditions and durability in the sun, which is a very extreme condition. it’s the same as concluding that a kevlar vest doesn’t work at stopping bullets cuz it can’t stop a tank shell.

@ tzuyang

What part of the country are you in? I know of a cd store in Melbourne that had genuine Kodak golds in stock a couple of weeks ago. No idea where they got them since they haven’t been made for about 2 years. I also know of a few outlets that still have Mitsui golds (unfortunately, I believe they’re not making those any more either). :frowning:

Mitsui gold is still made these days.
Mitsui own quality might have gone down with CSI getting more and more influence.
Fact is that some studio brands (Quantagey) still have disc’s which perform as good as there old stuff and still cary the mitsui atip code. Point is that these disc’s are priced even higher as old mitsui gold media.
Still mitsui cd-r’s are not as bad as the dvd stuff which is junk.