Gold cds OK but those black ones?

If you look around this forum, you can see that many people have not encountered any problems with cds with a gold surface on it (or maybe just a few people then :D)

But what do you think about those cds with a black surface? Are they better than gold ones??? A vendor said to me that they were as good than golden ones…

I was wondering…

it makes no difference what colour they are, the only thing that matters is who manufactures them.

CMC magnetics = absolute poo

its very hard to do online QC with those black cdrs.

I asked a few mates and a few said that they are used for copying playstation I games! That’s probably because all playstation games are black also.

I seen someone with a black CD-R and they said that it’s just like any other CD-R.

I believe that the black layer is supposed to give them higher ultraviolet resistance, nothing more. Whether it works, I have no idea.

I think the purpose of the black tint on video game discs was to make it tougher to crack the copy protection since you can’t see the recording surface.

black cds are not any better for psx. they only look good and thats about it. sony use the black cdrs for identifaction reasons.

they do actually make a difference.
Sony PSX lasers are calibrated for the different refraction the black CDR-s give. Adjusting the bias and gain can help counter this if you’re a frequent user of CD-Rs.
Thats why dark blue verbatims work well with psx.

In mine area and quite a few of mine friends’ areas, you get color discs in spindles of 25 - brands are Imation, Samsung, DigiMat, Monarch.

All are the same Type - 5 Colors x 5 Discs in each spindle.

Samsung are Prodisc, and the best of the lot. Imation is CMC, but still tolerable at low writing speeds 4x-12x. DigiMat is ‘Postech’ Media, and I don’t know a lot about them. Monarch used to be Plasmon, now both Plasmon and Ritek Co.

In my experience of about 60 writes I haven’t had any complaints so far.

PS The colors are great for Color-Coding daily backups for my friends’ software research lab!
(one for each day from monday to friday)

Black CD-Rs only look cool. Thats all. Otherwise they are same as normal CD-Rs.