Gold CD-Rs

The last time I visited the MFSL site, I had seen something that brought up some interest in me - I found out that this company manufactures 24Kt Gold CD-R discs, the same ones as they use for their releases - except that these ones are Recordable.
Has any of you tried these? It sounds like a big hype to me, but I’ve never used gold CD-Rs myself, nor do I own any original gold CDs.
Responses welcome :slight_smile:

If anybody was tired of googling - here’s the official MFSL CD-R site.


as these media are 1x-12x rated, it’s time to to dig out some old, not too worn 12x Plex CD-R drives :wink:


The last time I checked it turned out that these are just the same as MAM gold. It’s advantage is that it can be used in audio recorders . However there price is 2 or in some cases up to 4 times (depending on the store) of that of MAM gold.

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IT can burn okay with the plextor premium so no reason to go to the atic and search up your old drive. Then again the premium is allready old so ?? :wink:

Hmm… This reminds me a lot of Mitsui (or MAM-A/MAM-E) discs… but I’m not sure whether they will really last longer. A silver or aluminum disc treated well will last long enough besides there are many other factors to consider, such as light, humidity…

What about gold dvd+r’s lookin here