Goland Audio DVD Creator



I have successfully used this software to create an authored DVD from
1100 mp3 tracks, containing different background scenery for each title group.
Has anybody managed to insert ANIMATED scenery instead of STILL pictures ?
It would be great to have moving clouds,waterfalls etc.
DVD players should cope with this in the appropriate format but I don’t know if
the Audio DVD Creator software will be up to it. No information available from Goland Tech and unable to access their forum .
I would be very grateful for any info or suggestions on this subject.

By the way, I joined this community today so, HI Everybody,


I do this a lot. You must first create the video mpeg file and then create the audio file, and then mux them together for the finished DVD. I use Womble Video Wizard DVD to do the muxing, and Adobe Audition to create 5.1 Dolby Surround sound from the audio file. There are free progs to do all of this too. Virtual DUB, VOB edit, Muxman etc.


:clap: slytrans69,
thanks for the info you posted.
When I find the time, I’ll set about putting this
into practice. Kind regards,


Any interested party,
I received yesterday, email from Goland stating that animation
feature support will be built into a future release of AUDIO DVD
CREATOR. No issue date given.


A new version of this program has been promised since 2005; so I wouldn’t hold your breath …