Going to relevant chapters menu after resume

If I use the root menu button when viewing any part of the video concerned, I am taken back to the relevant menu, rather than to the main ‘top’ title menu. I deliberately modified the original navigation to enable this (following guidelines kindly provided by ToadDub some time ago).

There is an exception to this which I want to change. At the moment when I select ‘Director Commentary’ from the Languages menu followed by ‘continue’ (resume) I am taken me back to the location ‘saved by a Call or MenuCall operation’ (which is what I want).

However, when I subsequently want to go back to the relevant chapters menu by using the root menu button I am taken to the top main menu, just as if I’d used the top menu button.

What I want is whenever I use the root menu button that I am ALWAYS taken to the relevant chapter menu and not to the top menu UNLESS I deliberately use the top menu button (or use a ‘main menu’ button on a menu).

I realise that the reason for the unwanted outcome is that in order to access the special features menu and thus the languages menu I need to go via the top menu and this means that the command to go to the scene selections - “if (R(4) == Link PGC 2” (contained in the root menu) - is negated by the command - “R(4) = 0” (contained in the Top/title menu).

I have tried various changes to try to deal with the problem without success (including trying to use an empty register (R(3) in the Title 1 PGC).

Incidentally, I realise that it might seem odd to go to the language menu from the special features menu button on the top menu, but given that I only wanted to access the Director’s commentary by eliminating the special features menu this simplified the process. There was no button on the special features menu to turn off the commentary but there is such a button in the language menu

I’ve uploaded a minisample to Savefile.com (as a zip file). It is downloadable from the project http://www.savefile.com/projects/808711720

Since you want it this way, just add “R[4]=1” in pre-command line 1 of both the chapter and language menus. Note that at the end of the movie, it’ll automatically go to the main menu.