Going to DRIVE me mad

Hi Guys,

I’m looking to buy a DVD writer. I look at the reviews and there are so many and each has it’s own good and bad points. I like the sound of the Plextor PX-716A, but somewhere you read it hasen’t great writing quality. So then I looked at the LG GSA-4163B as was set to buy it when on the Lg forum, some guys start saying they can’t burn DAO.

I really don’t know which to buy, what do you really think of this Plextor drive?

I have a nec 3500 and a plextor 716. The NEC can because of the firmware from liggy and dee, burn much more media on a higher speed than the plextor. The LG and benq have the same burn quality as the NEC 3500. When burning disks on the certified speed, the plextor can make the same quality disk, like the 3 above. When it comes to DL-burning the plextor is the better one.

check the newest threads in the plextor section by zevia and others. firmware 1.04 has improved write quality (on oversped discs too) a great deal.

im biased, but i like my 2 716s.