Going to buy sony dvd writer - please help in choosing!

I have been visiting this forum for long but finally registered to ask a question.
I am going to buy a dvd writer very soon.
I am primarily looking forward to buy an sony dvd writer ( i understand they are liteon/ benq rebadged but still…).

I have four models in mind - please suggest.
I) Sony DRU 820A
( i heard this drive doesnt support raw mode writing that might create problem while copying ‘cds’ , isnt it?

II) Sony DRU 810A
(this supports raw mode writing but older model; , will i be making any mistake if i buy it instead of 820a? )

III) Sony DW G120A (is its same as g120a b2 ??) -
( will it be better buy than dru810a/820a & worth looking for? does support dvd ram )

IV) Sony DWQ 120A
(is it a newer model than g 120a? 'doesnt support dvd ram)

1)I will probably be choosing between Sony DWQ 120A, Sony DW G120A,Sony DRU 810A . So i need to know which will be the best choice among these?

2)Also if i need to choose between Sony DWQ 120A, Sony DW G120A only (in case i buy oem); which one i should opt for? & which one among this is newer model!
Please suggest & help me choosing & also mention other details i should know about!
I could not find any official sony site for the DWQ & DWG oem models , is there any ? & for firmwire upgrade.

Thanx for reading this long post.

the dru-810a is a benq dw-1640 rebadge. it’s a good drive especially with a benq firmware, so it can use the xtra functions. i have this drive, but i woulnd’t recommend to buy it nowadays.
the only difference between q120 and g120 is dvd-ram. the g120 supports ram, it’s up to you if you need this feature.
there’s no official site (i think) because they’re only oem drives. firmware updates can be found on rpc1.org. i suggest you to crossflash it with the a liteon firmware, so you can use the advanced features.
look here for more infos on these drive types: http://codeguys.rpc1.org/dvdrw_overview.html
(look for 6th Generation Standard)

Hi Andrew, welcome to the forum! :slight_smile:

You can find firmware for the Sony OEM and “Brownbox” drives here:


Click on Warranty & Support, then on DVD RW, and then on Firmware.

I have a Sony DW-G120A crossflashed to a LiteOn SHM-165P6S and I’m quite happy with it, although it isn’t quite as good a CD-R burner as some of my other drives. It is a very good DVD burner, reader and scanner however.

The 810 is a very good drive. But instead of buying it I would recomment a true Benq or Philips. If you want a Sony/Liteon, I Highly recomend The DW-G120 or DW-Q120.
I Have a DW-Q120 crossflashed to Liteon 160P6S and I am very happy. If you want to play around with it, you will find plainty to do here!!!

Thanx for the replies ppl!
So everyone suggesting Sony DWQ120A / Sony DWG 120A over DRU 810A?
(which one is newer? the shop guy here saying dwq is newer but i thought the opposite!)

I probably will not try cross-flashing to keep the warranty (or can i re-flash while claiming warranty? // i couldnt find enough reason for crossflashing over buying the other brand instead! if the other brand isnt costlier/available ).
But anyway cross-flashing these two models works perfectly? (for those who have done it)

Among dwq120a & dwg120a is there any difference/problems with recognizing disks? (i may be using local disks to write time to time).

will lg h10n be better buy than these sony drives?!

the dw-x120a is newer than the 810a.
you can backflash whenever you want, crossflashing works perfectly. forget the lg…

Thanx, i actually meant which one is newer between sony dwq120a & dwg102a?

anyone? any views about which is newer between dwq120a & dwg120a? or ant other suggestions?

Your question was answered by chok0 in the very first reply in this thread, but I’ll rephrase it for you:

The Sony DW-Q120A and DW-G120A are the same generation of drives and they are identical in every way except for one thing: The DW-G120A has support for reading/writing DVD-RAM media and the DW-Q120A does not.

So one is not newer than the other, but the DW-G120A has one feature that the DW-Q120A does not have.

Andew what have you been smoking ?? Never buy a Sony !!! Buy the real McCoy the Lite-On 160P6S or 165P6S and you don’t have to cross flash it and lose your Warranty and will have good firmware support from Lite-On. :slight_smile: