Going to buy some TY media at SVP...But


I have read a lot of the post here and it seems like everyone agrees that Tony Yuden is the best media in quality and durability so im going to try and buy some of those.

I have chosen to buy from SVP as they seem to have the cheapest prices, but i have some questions before i put down my order.
The dvds have to be fullface printable.

First question might be a little stupid but i was wondering, how come it is much cheaper to buy 2 x 50 dvds instead of 1 x 100?
The two cases im refering to is:
Im able to save almost 10£ if i buy 2 x 50 and the 50-pack even have 16x speed. So what am im missing here?

Second question is, if there is any difference in these 2 dvds. I read another topic on this forum that the datesafe where real TY. Does this mean that the quality and durability of these is exactly the same?

Third question. I have read a lot of topics (both here and everywhere else) about whats best, + or -. Lately i have learned that you are able to do so the dvd+r will be read as DVD-ROM (or was it DVD-RAM?). What will this do? Easier to read on more dvd-players?
And is one better than the other when it comes to burning dvd movies?

T02s (the more expensive ones) are considered by a lot of people to be the best TY discs. Maybe SVP are well aware of that :wink:

As for Datasafe…the jury is out on that one, it seems, but if I were to buy branded TYs, I’d pick a better brand. Datasafe generally are a budget brand.

Yes, DVD-ROM bitsetting can improve compatibility with some older standalone players.

Edit: forgot to add - use coupon code svpjuly to get 5% off your order :wink:

This is merely speculation, but my guess is that the Datasafe branded Taiyo Yudens and the Taiyo Yudens in 50pc cakeboxes are a lower grade quality, while the 100pc Taiyo Yudens are a higher grade quality.

This is based on a rule-of-thumb, that you usually get what you pay for.

I could be wrong, however.

Datasafe are a no-no as they are apparently, according to several posts here on the Bank Media forum, Europe’s equivalent to North America’s ValueLine TY discs, which are discs which have failed TY’s Quality Control.

+R bitsetted to DVD-ROM is my personal preference, as long as the DVD writer supports bitsetting.

Hehe thank you very much for the quick replys.

I have decided to buy 2 x 50 TY and 1 x 100 TY (those i linked to before), and then i can try and see if theres any differance :slight_smile:
Have aso bought some compatible canon ink cartridges for my ip5200, and i can’t wait to try and see how the quality will be for printing covers (have got mixed opinions on non-originals ink).

And thnx for the coupon. Really helped as i bought for about 132£ :slight_smile:

One last question is what speed i should burn?
I´m using a AD-7173a burner (NEC) and TY DVD+R (both 8x and 16x). What is the best speed to get the best quality?

8 speed for the 8 speed dvds and for the 16x 8,12,16 personal preference really :stuck_out_tongue:

For YUDEN000 T02 my tests show that 6x is just a little better than 8x for the AD-7173A since it produces lower jitter.

For YUDEN000 T03 it’s posible that 12x might be better than 8x but it’s a close call and may depend on your particular drive. I haven’t tested at 6x or 16x with this drive/media combination.

I’ve had a tub of the Datasafe printable Yudens and was very disapointed. The printable surface is off centre so they won’t print very well.

The silver top datasafe Yudens are fine though, don’t scan as well as the premium shrinkwrapped ones but perfectly good.

The 50pk printable ones are like the Maxell ones APR sell. They are not as premuim as the shrinkwrapped ones. but once again scan well and are good value for money.

The shrinkwrapped Yuden T02’s are one of the best discs I’ve ever used. That would be my choice.


the top review on http://svp.co.uk/products-solo.php?pid=2352&prepg=2 is mine :slight_smile:

Yep, the Datasafe doen’t get many kind words. The 50 box are unbranded TY and they are good. Perhaps not same stability as the “real deal” (who knows) but it’s the best TYG03 i’ve tried when you look at Quality scans. Haven’t tried the T03 from the 50 box so i can only guess about them. Personally i’ll get TYG02 or T02 next time (real TY printable) and i can’t help it - i want to try the Mediastar discs also :wink: