Going to buy a new Dvd burner, my nec 3540 just died :/. need some help

So my Nec did just die, factory fault, but here’s my question : I want a burner that makes the best Quality copies, any advices ?

sorry for my poor english,

I have no problems with a BenQ DW1640, makes some very nice clean burns with very low error rates.

BTW, english is fine. Its a lot better than some who have it as their first language.

thanks, going to send my nec back for a RMA, so I can pick a new one from the company where I bought it… problem is that the company don’t have benq :(, they have Nec, Plextor, Samsung and sony, as I said before quality is what I want, price does not matter,

well, the plextor 740 is the same as a benq 1640, you can crossflash them. Also the Plex 716 is supposed to be a good drive, but I think they have a high failure rate, its much more expensive as well.

have just order a Benq now thx for all the help

You said the company had some sonys. Well the 810 is nothing more than a 1640.

Cheap is good!