Going to Boston next week...what to see and where to shop?

Next week I will be in Boston for work(Saturday-Saturday)…Do not have much time for sightseeing, but want to make use of my time there…and the USD is fairly low compared to the EUR, so good time to do some shopping :wink:

I’ll be staying at the InterContinental Boston on Atlantic Ave, so any good shopping and/or sightseeing suggestions in that area are much appreciated.

Nice deal on iPhone4 (simlock free, without subscription) or something would be nice…cannot bring too expensive or too big things…want to avoid customs duties :wink:

Thanks for any tips and suggestions!

ps been to Boston before, like 14 years ago…so I already saw Cheers cafe :wink:

Good camera lenses for my Canon EOS 550D might be nice also…

Noone from the Boston area here?

Would advise if I could but unfortunately I’ve never been there.

Here are all the camera shops Google has listed in Boston.

I suppose you could check some of those online for an idea of prices/offers.

That’s all I can suggest in the meantime. :frowning:


Evil One, I have never been to Boston, so I would suggest the Tax Free Shop at the airport. :bigsmile:
And ofc there is always a discount for Taxmen. :wink:

Thanks for the suggestions.

My experience is that tax free shops on airports are not cheaper for electronics…compared to online shopping…

But perhaps I can do some online shopping with ree delivery within US…gonna be in the hotel all week…I am sure that would be possible :wink:

We’ll see how things go…will be there in less than 24 hrs

Stay away from Fenway Park, Gillette Stadium, and the Boston Garden sports sites, unless you want to be on my list…

I hear they have good baked beans there, and cream pies, (though I usually make them fresh). That close to the ocean demands some seafood.