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Hi…I’m sorry to bore all of you with questions that have been answered over and over. This is my first forum. I recently purchased a DVD Writer and have AnyDVD and DVD Clone. To burn a DVD I find myself copying the DVD onto my harddrive and then Burning it onto a DVD. My CD-ROM does not recognise a DVD. Do I need to upgrade to a DVD-ROM or is there something that I can do to enable my CD ROM to read a DVD.


play on your burner


Can I burn a DVD from my cd-rom drive to by DVD burner??


You mention having to copy the DVD to your hard drive before copying like it is a bad thing. If you want to be able to copy on the fly, then yes, you need a DVD-ROM drive; your CD-ROM drive will not read DVDs. But it is perfectly acceptable to just copy the contents of the original disc to your HD and copy from there. In fact, some DVD copying programs prefer that method.


CD-ROM’s will never be able to read dvds. Why? Because dvds use a different wavelength of the red laser and thus the cd-rom drive doesn’t know how to refocus to this “new” wavelength. You can read cds in a dvd-rom drive though, but only because they are designed to be backwards compatible.