Going Over 1,500,000 Posts This Evening


We are going over a Million and Half posts sometime this evening it looks like-

Seems we crossed the Million post mark not too long ago-eh!

Lets get there faster!

Lets get there faster!
Glad to be part of all this :smiley:

I didn’t do it … it was like that when I got here :stuck_out_tongue:

Thats alot of posts, and I think the forum is growing rapidly so 2 million should not be far off.:wink:

all I can say about this…

Your Welcome :wink:

Yo S_S-

That is correct - you have inspired many thousands of posts - [B]Thank You [/B] -eh!

Come on lucky 1,500,000.


I can just imagine you all sitting here eagerly … waiting to pounce to get the 1.5M post … hahahaha!

Post number #1585475

debro we give you that honor!!

1,500,008 when I logged on :clap:

Threads: 173,817, Posts: 1,500,846, Members: 261,320
awww i missed it by 846 :frowning:

Maybe there’s a bug in Vb since according to showpost, the 1.5M post was made 3 months ago? :confused:


think it had to do with creating the new game =no post count= forum?

Deleted posts do not count but the software does not reuse ID’s since that could lead to all sorts of horrible core meltdowns. I think.

Well, the autoincrement just doesn’t forget the deleted posts. :wink:

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!..(it is isn´t it…sort of…:rolleyes: )

I think you’re correct, deleted post + Games Up don’t count. :wink: