Going nuts over backing up DejaVu movie

As with every new DVD I buy, I immediately make a second copy for taking to Iraq/Afghanistan. There they get pretty scratched and messed up, even just sitting in the case in my duffel bag they tend to get worn where the DVD sticks up above the plastic.

Anyhow, I just bought DejaVu from Walmart and went to back it up, but it is like 4673MB and when I use DVD Shrink it says it’s too big. That’s problem number one. Although, I did remove subtitles etc to save space, but then after clicking…

To make matters worse I just tried to shrink the movie anyhow with DVDShink, and I got a cyclic redundancy check error after 100mb and it aborted the shrinking. I know it works because I just backed up my copy of JFK using the same drive and program. This must be a copy right protection deal.

I have also tried to use Ripit4me which succeeded in ripping the files into something like 8GB worth of VOB and other files but then it aborted, leaving me with something I can’t burn onto a regular -R dvd.

Please help me I am getting really frustrated.

Try DVDFab Decrypter to rip the movie to the hard drive. Found here.

Then you can reduce the size with Shrink if you have to.

Here is the answer to your question. In order for you to make the duplicate of that film (Deja Vu), you will need to download a program called DVDFAB Platinum, which is free for 30 days then you would have to buy it (shareware). Once you’ve completed the copy of this film, It’s recommended that you have installed Nero software (also can be downloaded for a limited tryout, then you’d have to buy, aka Sharware). Once you’ve downloaded the Nero 7 software, click on Nero Start Smart which a box will appear in the middle of the screen. Then click on the left side of the applications menu, click Nero Recode. Once you’ve clicked on ReCode, then another box will appear. Then click on “Import DVD” which has the green plus sign. Then it will go into your hard drive. Look for the movie and click on the title. Here is where it gets tricky, so PAY ATTENTION! Once you’ve clicked on Deja Vu, click on Full Disc, then click on Video TS. Nero Recode will recode the movie in about 20 to 30 seconds. Once that is done, you will see it in 100% mode.

VERY IMPORTANT------ With ALL movies, they must be in 100% mode. And what I mean by this is that when it’s on 100% and once you’ve recoreded this on dvd-r or dvd+r disc, you will see it is exactly as the oringinal copy.

Another important thing before going BURN happy. Make sure that it’s going to burn on DVD-5 (which is the 4.7gb and not the dvd-9, which is the 8.5gb). Next thing, but which is automatic, is to click on MORE, then click on PROFILE(S), you’ll see another box and it will already be clicked on “Assign The Best Quality To The Movie”.

Now the juicy part. Install your blank dvd into your dvd rw drive, wait a minute. Then click on NEXT on Nero RECODE. You will see 2 boxes already checked. Make sure you check on the middle box which will take a bit longer to burn, but it will give you that extra crisp, clean copy of the movie. Depending on the specs of your computer, and the file of the movie, it should take between 12 Mins- 20Mins. Then your done! :)P THE END!

you can also use dvdfabhddecrypter which is free at dvdfab.com under free stuff , to rip your movies and use imgburn, which is free at imgburn.com also free to burn your movies . these programs are very easy to use and work with shrink . hope this helps with your problem dvds . phil

Deja Vu can be done with the last version of RI4M and nothing else. If you have problems with this title you either have to clean the DVD or exchange it as you may have a bad pressing.

Cambion wrote" Deja Vu can be done with the last version of RI4M and nothing else."

Then why are others suggesting DVDFab Decrypter,if nothing else? whatever works right ?..

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There are a few programs that will backup this title. I made a perfect backup of this title with AnyDVD and CloneDVD2. :iagree:

Ripped it with DVDDecryptor and AnyDVD, re-authored and shrunk with DVDShrink. No Problemo.

DVD neXt COPY copied this movie very easily. The quality of the copy was oustanding. :clap:

Like I always say…ripit4me dvdshrink and imgburn never fails…

Why do you spam every thread with the same crap?
If this combination never fails, I want to see how it handles Apocalypto R2.
Can it? No.
There is no alround solution.