Going insane

Hi folks. I’m trying to backup all my command and conquer games onto one dvdr. The problem that i have is that i can’t copy them straight across because i assume that they have copy protection on the disks. If this works then i’m gonna try and do it with my other games.
Can someone please help me…im going insane

Hi there and welcome aboard!

There are indeed some copy protections on the C&C games. I don’t exactly know what protections there are on the discs (but you can find that out easily, by searching our forums (especially the Copy protections forum and it’s subforums, or by using a copyprotection scanner like Scout or ClonyXXL to find out what protection is on it.

Next, you can use programs like Alchohol 120% and CloneCD for reading the disc to an image file. With a program like Daemon tools (see my signature), you can mount the image (and emulate the copy protection) so you can play the game from an image.

A few things:

  1. not all hardware can read all protected discs!
  2. Deamon tools emulation works very well, but it isn’t “waterproof”, so don’t be wondered if it doesn’t work out for a certain title.

Good luck and feel free to ask any open questions!

thats cool thanx very much.
is there a way of copying the games (like when you make a 1:1 copy on a normal cd) and putting it on a dvd disk with other games, like the same compilation???

Hmm…you can’t put the game CDs ‘as-is’ onto a DVD-recordable. You could fill the 4.37GB up with images, mount them in a virtual drive and play from there. Depending on your reader and the protection, you may need emulation.

Now you’re gonna ask how me to do that, eh? Stick to backing up your original game CDs on CD-Rs :wink:

Start here.