Going from DVD to AVI or MPEG

Hey all,

I have some legal DVD’s that I need to convert to MPEG or AVI - and then on to an iPod for iTunes. Now, I can convert mpeg’s easily enough for iPod format using iTunes. My problem is ripping the DVD content from the DVD’s.

I’m hoping from free software, but I don’t mind purchasing either. Would QuickTime Pro do the trick? I’m looking for something where I can load my DVD on my Windows box and do a straight rip and encoding.

*I am a newbie and video encoding, etc, so take it easy on me.

Thanks in advance,
Rex Moncrief


Check here, some tools to try out:


Hey chef,

Thanks for the pointer. Using that page plus some googling and trial and error, I’ve got a pretty easy system for doing the conversions. As a matter of fact, I’m going to do a podcast on the process in the near future.

Hehe, sounds logic then. :wink: