Going from cell to PGC and back again

When cell 16 has finished playing in a title PGC (not the final cell) I want to go to another title title PGC (start at the beginning of that PGC). After that second PGC has finished playing I want to return to cell 17 in the first PGC and continue playing from that cell. Both PGC’s are in the same VTS.

I can’t just insert the second PGC into the first one (say, chapter by chapter immediately after cell 16) because the two PGCs have different audio tracks and audio streams.

You can do that with cell command on cell 16, than go to new PGC. Set R value at the beginning of second PGC.
At the end of play use Link to first PGC. PreCommand of first PGC will have Condition using your R value and Link to cell 17.
At the end of first PGC play, set your R value to zero.

This is a work flow, rest may be your home work. :slight_smile: