Going from a Plextor 708A to a new BenQ 1640

I am having difficulties getting my new BenQ 1640 to read dozens of DVDs (well, hundreds) burned by my old Plextor 708A. These discs are predominately DVD-Rs.

The BenQ can burn fine onto TY01 4X media I got from supermediastore.com and it can read pressed movie DVDs fine. The 1640 can also see CD-Rs all right.

The Plextor 708A-burned DVDs are readable in a Phillips and no-name DVD burner here at work.

Overspeed is DISABLED on the 1640, and I have successfully flashed it to the most current M firmware.

Now I am looking at nearly 300 DVDs I cannot potentially read.

Any ideas? Anyone else run into the Plextor to BenQ problem?

Hi :slight_smile:
Take a look here

I guess my thinking is… if the BenQ can read pressed movie DVDs, burn ok, and read CD-Rs… that there is something about the Plextor to BenQ cross-over, or something wrong with the Plextor discs.

Perhaps my logic is suspect.

If the discs can be read in a number of other drives, then the BenQ must be FuQ’d. There is a reflectivity difference between DVD-ROMs and DVD recordables and maybe your 1640 is ultra-picky about which recordables it chooses to read.

When you say it won’t read them, do you mean it fails to recognize that a disc is inserted or you get errors trying to access the data? Either way, the above still holds true. I would repair/replace/drop the 1640 from a great height as it’s not unreasonable to ask a drive to recognize discs burnt in other burners.

What I mean is the drive spins up, but never even brings up a directory. It whooshes up in speed and then kicks back down to a much slower speed, huffing and puffing back and forth, spinning up and down, then finally crapping out asking for me to insert a disc.

I cannot see any of my burned (FLAC) directories on any the discs. The discs are mainly Fuji Film, Taiyo Yuden, and Maxell.

Hi :slight_smile:
As I implied in the other thread, RMA it.
I know I also mentioned crossflashing(but your right there shouldn’t be any need) A f/w pre Solid Burn would eliminate whether SB was somehow having an effect(though this is highly unlikely). These were put forward as possabilities to be tried in the event that RMA was not a route you wished to take. I’ve known some people say that they’ve dropped DVDRW from a height of about 3/4ft in frustration/desperation & this has cured problems. However this is not something I would dream of doing.
I feel that there is some tracking malfunction that is not so severe that it’s totally u/s. But bad enough for it to be unable read TOC etc of media burnt on 708.

What’s your firmware version? Maybe it is not that important aas you already have the discs written.
I’ve seen a lot of repports on probs with 708.
I got one by the time Plextor started to sell them and didn’t have probs, all set top payers could read them and even my stupid Smansung DVD-ROM (I call it stupid because it can’t read DVD+R, and from the specific model I got the only series that have not firmware to do so - but since Plextor allowed bitsetting for the 708 the problem is out).

DVD+RW is a dif story but do not blame the poor 708, its the format and (in my case InCD) - if you change the toc sometimes it just gets useles- if you want to do continuos deletion and save of files to the disc or you rename files, its better to make a copy to HDD, just in case - this one the reasons I’m looking for DVD-RAM.

Another problem can be with the media you use - the 708 was quite demanding at first and with the new firmwares I don’t know because I just kept with tested media I know it will go well.
Even it was well written if you got bad media and the recording are too old you can run into probs.