Going from 98 to XP



I just went from Windows 98se to XP Pro. I use Nero most of the time, along with InCD for the packet writing. The problem is this, I can't get InCD to format a CDRW. I have tried 3 or 4 different disks, disabled the built in software for XP, did everything that I can think of. I don't think that it is InCD, because I have tried another packet writer, DLA that comes with Record Now Max. The burner is a Phillips PCRW804. It is working because I have copied disks using Clone CD. I can't figure this one out and I would be thankful for any help that I can get.



hi dude

i had the same prob with incd if you disabled the xp burning software after you installed incd you have to uninstall incd and re-install it or thats what i had to do anyway now it works perfect. get the latest incd from nero’s site and use it.

also have you disabled the IMAPI service in admin tools>services you must disable not stop