Going for the number 1 position



<BLOCKQUOTE><font size=“1” face=“Verdana, Arial”>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by Mummy2:
how can i change my name so i don’t stay mentioned with my e-mail.<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

Go to this link: http://stats.distributed.net/pedit.php3?id=xxxxxx&pass=???

Where for xxxxxx you enter your ID number and for ??? you enter your pass.

If you don’t remember: in your first email (with your password) there is a link to edit your info.

Then go to the “Real Name” field and enter it. Then go to the dropdown menu at the top and select “List me using my real name”.

Tip: you can also enter your friends id numbers!

Check my account: stats.distributed.net/rc5-64/psummary.php3?id=298959

<A HREF=“http://stats.distributed.net/rc5-64/tmember.php3?team=80018087” TARGET=_blank> </A>GR33TS, G@M3FR3@K<A HREF=“http://stats.distributed.net/rc5-64/tmember.php3?team=80018087” TARGET=_blank> </A>


My cows are very hungry, i have installed some more cows on different machines.
you can see the results in the daily statistics, REDFOX is still the number one but i’m getting close…

good for the team statistics …

mooooo mooooo
Mummy2 cow’s


you’re Research monkey?

or not

Those are the overall ranking stats

not the daily ones, cos one can save up blocks and submit them all at once to become high in total but the days he saves he won’t submit any

btw if you’re the 2nd in the daily I suggest change your name cos 2nd place is an email addy still


I am number 30 in three days in the overall statistics at

and in the daily stats i stand number 2
(hg.westerlaken@chello.nl), nice job isn’t it
how can i change my name so i don’t stay mentioned with my e-mail.

i am going to submit about 3000 today so i guess this will be numer 15 tomorrow in the overall stats…



Thanks for joining !


No problem, i’m proud to be a member now of the CDFREAKS team.

Remember me ?? the first one who supplied you the news about the bust of the Caribean Crew…