Going Backwards To Get Ahead!

I’m trying this again…this might be the right section.

Win98 and CD-RW problem, here…

I have a father in-law who is 79 years old and refuses to learn any OS other than Win98. He bought a new HP Pavilion and had the XP removed and Win98 installed in its place.

The problem…some of you CD-Geeks probably already know what I’m going to ask…but here goes anyway…is that now his CD Writer is only recognized as a CD reader.

I’ve tried using Nero Express and such, but Windows itself will only recognize a reader.

I know I’m probably going to get flamed for this one, but I didn’t do it! Honestly! I’m just trying to be a good 'puter helper.

If any of you don’t mind sharing your expertise, I’ll be wholly grateful.


Please don’t Crosspost.

It is against the rules here. I understand the reasons why you have posted here but please give the forum time. Not everyone is on-oline at the same time and so there is sometimes a waiting period between posted and getting the answers you are looking for.