Going Backwards To Get Ahead!

First timer, here…(so please be nice)

I have a father in-law who is 79 years old, and refuses to learn any other OS other than Win98. So he took a new HP Pavilion and the techs remove XP and install W98. He’s found out that his CD-RW is now only a CD Reader!

Any ideas on how to gain full capacity of his LITE-ON CD Writer so he can once again burn his own CD’s?

I’ve tried Nero Express and such, but Windows won’t recognize the burner as a burner…only a reader.

Ok…give me the jabs, too, if you want…what the heck…


Was the CDRW working before you changed over to win98?

My apologies for the crosspost. I didn’t know how to move it to the correct section. I’m not that dumb, and should have known better.

And, yes, the drive worked fine under XP.

(P.S. thanks for the reply!)

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Back to your problem.

Can you post the model of the drive?
Have you updated it’s firmware?
Can you post the firmware version?
Have you used the lastest versions of the programs?
What does the device manager say the CDRW device is in Win98?
And finally for the moment :stuck_out_tongue:
What do the programs say the device is when you go to burn things?

I am trying to think what it could be off hand but these things will help to narrow down the possiblities.

The drive model as reported by the device manager is a LITE-ON LTR-48247S. I haven’t cracked the case to confirm that, though. And, I haven’t updated the firmware.

As for the rest of your questions, you’ve given me some research to do. Nero does say that the burn is complete to an E: drive which is the CDRW. Hmph! Nuthin’ Hapins!

He has a dial-up line with lots of problems, so I do my online time elsewhere. So, I will return to the problem computer…get some answers…and will check back later.

Thanks, once again.

There’s really some weird problem if device manager is reporting it as a LTR-48247s as this is a drive that simply does not exist.

Does your grandfather know that you can make xp look like win98 as fas as appearance goes, or does he not want the new features, I mean, better hardware compatibility.

Agree w/ kwkard, you should just install WinXP on his HP and simply change the layout to classic, aka win2k/win98.

Pardon the interuption, but I do believe he said -

And now, back to your regularly scheduled discussion.


Thanks for the response. I double checked the device model number (cracked the case and pulled the unit) and yes, the LITE-ON 48247S is the correct model number.

It is father in-law, and he has early stages of Alzheimer’s. The repetitious steps from using a computer seem to do him alot of good. It keeps his short term memory active, and keeps his problem solving skills from deteriorating too quickly. I did try to set the XP OS to the classic layout, but there are still enough differences that he would get confused (plus, he can get pretty grumpy over little things). Enough of that. I just wanted to point out that I’m probably in over my head on this project, but it’s really important for me to try. He loves taking digital photos and copying pictures to disk.

Womble asked earlier about the firmware. I’m guessing, but the label on the device says “F/W: PPB1 and H/W: 01.01”. Is that the firmware and hardware info I’m looking for?

If this project is not for this group, I’ll understand. No hard feelings. I’m sincerely thankful for any help I can get.

Try uninstalling the drive by going into the drive manager and right clicking it, and pressing “Uninstall”. Then restart and see if it detects it.

Good Luck!:slight_smile:

In my understanding Windows 98 cannot tell the difference between a CD-ROM or a CD-RW drive and will always list a CD-RW drive as CD-ROM. This is not a problem though since Windows won’t be doing the burning, Nero or a similar software will. So, I would think we shouldn’t focus on Windows recognizing the drive (it does so already, it detects the LITE-ON model) but on the software you’re using.

MrMcBoingBoing, what software are you trying to use? Nero Express? Could you please switch to Nero Burning ROM and take a look at the Supported Recorders (or Recorder Properties, don’t know what it’s called exactly). Your Lite-On should be mentioned there and you should be able to take a look at the drive’s properties. Here you will see the supported recording speeds and such. If the drive not listed there then there’s a problem.

Which version of the software are you using? Have you tried re-installing the software? Could you take some screenshots of the software and possible problems? This way it’s easier for us to assist you. Last but not least, is there any other burning software installed on the computer?

Nero does say that the burn is complete to an E: drive which is the CDRW. Hmph! Nuthin’ Hapins!
What exactly do you mean by this? Are you sure you selected the write a disc instead of doing a simulation?

Please report back!

I reckon whats happened is after takeing out XP n installing 98 someone has forgoten to change the Drivers etc…But U must try n get across to your FIL that he has to go with the Flow n come into the 21st Century n that XP is Far Far Superior for PHOTOS…Try n Show him that…I hated XP at first…But once I saw it was far superior for all my Photography i took time out to learn it…

Thanks for the help. G@M3FR3@K got me back on the right track. Of course! Win98 only recognized what it was supposed to recognize. An updated version of Nero solved my problem. The only problem I have against WinXP (and this is no problem at all) is that it’s so much more efficient, that I’ve already forgotten to look for the obvious, first. You know the old saying, “making a mountain out of a mole hill” still holds true.
So, I sincerely want to thank each of you. And I will continue to monitor this forum, and promise to inject help to anyone, if I can, especially to the “newbies” such as myself. I’ve been on different forums before where the head games and flaming were far above the value of my time. I guess I’m trying to say, “Ya’ll r alright!”
Thanks again,

Good to hear that MrMcBoingBoing! :wink: