Godzilla .. noooooooooooooooo!

Full explanation here :

Five decades after Godzilla first rose from the ocean, this monstrous movie star is about to take a break from show business.

Hit by slumping box office sales for the iconic series, Japan’s Toho Co. is planning to shelve its Godzilla films after this year’s finale.

Toho studios’ executive producer, Shogo Tomiyama, said Thursday that the latest movie – marking 28 releases and 50 years of “Godzilla” films – would probably be the last one for at least a decade.

“We have done all we can to showcase Godzilla, including using computer-graphics technology. And yet we haven’t attracted new fans,” Tomiyama told The Associated Press. “So we will make the 50th anniversary film something special, a best-of-the-best, and then end it for now.”

“Godzilla: Final Wars” is set to premiere in Japan in December, with a U.S. release to follow. The giant, genetically altered dinosaur will fight to the finish against 10 different foes, new and old.

So we need a new super-lizard ! And what would its name be ? Who should it fight against ? Tell us your freshly intuitive ideas and show us you deserve an Oscar™.

what about, LIZARDBOB SQUAREPANTS :smiley: