Godfather-get out of car

I have a very little problem…If I get in a car I can’t get out until the car blows and I die and start from the checkpoint. I don’t know what to do…HELP

Dont use the crack, use mini-image instead or play with the original game disc

Isn’t that a ingame feature or control and how you would know that this is caused by a crack? Do you’ve used one to know that? :wink:

Its a known problem with cracked version of godfather. The original one doesnt have this "feature"
All you need to do is play the original

I don’t need to play it, this goes to the original poster. :cop:

i have just got the godfather game, and create an image using alcohol120 so i can run the game without using the dvd, as my drive is nearly dead. the game seems to run completely fine, i have no problem getting in and out of cars, however when i get to the mission where you have to “rough up” the 2 college guys, the 2nd ones health stays on full so is impossible to complete the mission, does anybody know why it does this?


I have this game, and a crack will cause this, plus the .exe modifier to run without the dvd will do this. I suggest image it to your pc and create a virtual drive to mount it and play it that wat. Then you don’t have to worry on the DVD scratching up. the mods are said to have issues if you read the reviews. I did.

well,I tried the thing with the alchohol and the image and it worked for the car. thank all very much!!! now for msa284:
[I]“where you have to “rough up” the 2 college guys, the 2nd ones health stays on full so is impossible to complete the mission, does anybody know why it does this?”[/I]

you just have to hit the second guy for a while before his health starts lowering. if you don’t want to lose catch him with both hands (right+left mouse button) and start hitting him. after a while you’ll win him.

that isnt a bug
you just have to do what the mission says like swinging him around with the mouse then smash his head against the graves etc.
that way his healthbar will go down

but how do you use a mini image

my english is not very good so i’ll do my best…

got the same problem overhere and i already i did image from dvd in my pc using alcohol 120% and mount the image on the virtual drive then went trough the installation process via image file.

now i got the the game installed on my hard drive with a clean .exe, tried to run the game from the image but i get the “insert dvd” message

am i doing something wrong?

i did a normal image file and dont know the diference from image to mini image, how do you use it??


hi , i have a problem . I can’t get out of car in Godfather . From where can I get an mini image? My english is very bad so i’ll do my best

please somebody help me !

Please refer to post # 7. This will explain why. It is all over the internet on this issue and this solution is use your DVD game to play this so there is no glitches. How to make an image I used alcohol 120%.

Quit double posting please give the users time to answer the problem.

If you don’t own the original(bought version this will happen also.

please somebody help me !

I gave you the help you need. Another words you’r not reading I take it? :cop:

did you read Dr. Who’s post above?

the solution is to either play from your original or create an image of your original with alcohol based on some of the instructions above.

I bought mine and never had any problem with anything if you want to know about this type of issue. I played the game through and through and beat it twice. Looking for tricks and cheats is what allowed me to know of this issue.

thank’s for all !!! I’m sorry but i was in a hurry!

Please can someone help me i tried creating an image of the DVD with alcohol but when i tried running the game it appears a mensage saying that i need to insert the DVD. My DVD is not the origninal one. And I would also like to know if there is a difference between “mini image” and “image”.


Re-read all my post in this thread and that is the issue. I have this game and was looking for cheat codes and saw the crack or the exe file to not make you use the original DVD paid or not this will happen.