Godfather and captions when they talk Italian

Hi, Can you please help me out i was backing up The Godfather on to my HD. I then used dvd2one 1.1.3 and did movie only and set ac3 sound, no subtitles and angle 1, When playing it on windvd i noticed that when they talk italian there are no captions. I checked the orginal and it works fine.

So i re did the dvd2one process but this time selecting subtitles and got the same result no captions.

My audio is in english so please can someone tell me what I’m i doing wrong, I also played it on my dvd player and got the same result. :confused:


I had the same problem with Die Another Day when they spoke Korean. The answer was to select all the English sub-titles not just the main English sub-titles. Hopefully this will work for you.

I’ve also seen problems where selecting all subtitles doesn’t work.

These “captions” are also called “forced subtitles”. The forced subtitle is on by default - when no other subtitles are selected instead.

I’ve seen cases (Dances with Wolves) where selecting ALL subtitles does not preserve the “forced” attribute on the (previously) forced subtitle. In some cases, like Die Another Day, I’ve had luck selecting the English ones one at a time until I found the necessary subtitle. This didn’t work with Dances with Wolves and I ended up doing a whole disk copy.

All in all, I’ve found subtitles to be a royal pain. Search for other threads containing “forced subtitles”

Preserving the forced attribute seems to be a bug in D2O which manifests in some disks. Also D2O needs to have a method for identifying the forced subtitle (possibly by selecting it by default).


Now that you mention it I do remember that I added a note on the back of my DVD cover that says to turn on a specific sub-title to get the translations. They are not on by default.

Before doing this disk I never used to select any sub-titles. Now I always select them all in case there is some need for translation that I did not notice.

Hi Guys thought i let you all know sorted out the Godfahter caption problem. When your in the last menu of dvd2one and you pick up the subtitles select the last one which is English. This one has the captions for only when they speak Italian it appears, when it switches to english there are no captions.

You must remember when you insert the cd into your pc/dvd player you need to select the english subtitle because they don’t come on like normal.

Then sit back and watch. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

One more thing this subtiltle contains text for only when they speak Italian and not when they speak English so this is the forced caption overlay which comes on by default on the orginal DVD.

“Preserving the forced attribute seems to be a bug in D2O which manifests in some disks. Also D2O needs to have a method for identifying the forced subtitle (possibly by selecting it by default).”

I very much agree. This is, to my way of thinking, the last major improvement D2O needs to address to be the ‘perfect’ backup utility.
Production-house keying for these forced-subtitles vary, so to be handled correctly, D2O must be changed to analyse for and correct this issue.

Hi all… i ended up downloading a copy without the forced english subtitles. anyone think they could send them to me or tell me where i might be able to download them? thanks a lot!! :slight_smile:

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Could you explain in more detail exactly what you are requesting that someone send to you?

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