Goddamn Nero!

Hey, guys and girls. I’m having some troubles with Nero. I have WinXP Pro and my Login has admin access. Every time I open Nero, I can only selecta virtual drive as my writer, like I only could if my account was limited. Any help is superly appreciated.

Have you got a registered version? Sounds like what happens if you just load the downloadable, trial version of Nero and don’t put a valid serial number in. It works fine if you install an older version (not less than version 5 tho’) and then install the downloaded one as an upgrade. You can pick up a registered version at conputer fairs for about a fiver.

Nah, man. Mine is fully legitimate. I got it bundled with my burner…

Nero use different serial number for different bundled writers.
if you used a different serial numbers from your writer, Nero will not recognize your writer.

That’s the problem…e.g. my Ricoh 7200A can’t be used when
Nero is registered to use with LiteON…

or you can goto Help > About and check if there’s any model name appear after the version number. e.g.

Version: Ricoh
Version: Plextor


so…I can’t have more suggestions…

OZ I do think thats your prolem just installed my New LiteOn removed my Old HP and had Nero installed and when I rebooted surprise surprise!!! no CD-Rw on list to choose only Virtualhad to uninstall clean out registry and INstall ver that came with teh device and the disk had a very troubling note
“this software will only worked with encased Device” hecnce " will only work with my Liteon Drive :Z this bites oh well will have to make due with Clonecd Alcohol and EasyCd for cimple back up thins with the HP