Godabuzz offline again

I just posted the article Godabuzz offline again.

Submitted by: soundvision
Source: http://buzzed.bizli.com/index.html

Does anyone know what is going on with Godabuzz. Because i think he is offline. Could be a tempory situation. Like last…

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Hopefully it is not for long

they r on an alternative adres
this is it: http://cyrili.free.fr/


Hey RuffNG, when da Cdfreaks forum will be online again?


I was scared for a while.
Thank you BaRTBaRiaN

CDFREAKS rocks on!!!

Cdfreaks RulZ
Pass the info if ya know it !!!


godabuzz isn’t good anymore he’s only uploading dc and psx
no more isoz or some
and not many appz
4 appz www.kickme.to/blackvoodo

i think he’s still good.
they r uploading iso’s man!
just look a little bit further.
they’ve got the latest iso gamez

Go her instead:

the new godabuzz group is soulnchain warez!!!