Godabuzz.com GONE?



Hi there,

Does any1 know where these dudez have gone to?? Pleeze, let me know…

Dead silence


They’ll be back. They are fucking around with a new server…gues their DNS isn’t updated yet…tomorrow it’ll be online…I HOPE

I’m also dying ofr some new shit


ThanX Koekie,

I need Adobe Illustrator 9 Final (ISO). I know I can get it there…


you can also get the illustrator 9 iso at im@gine warez


I doubt if godabuzz will return, some total asshole named “deleterzrule” reported godabuzz to the BSA and other anti-pirate companies. Read about it here…


I hope they do return , great warez sitez like that are rearly


The guy pisses me off…he really thinks that he’s allone and not thinking of other people who like this site very much.
Lets hope this does not mean the end of this (the best) warez site!


never fear, warez surfers! squage is here to the rescue! i found their temporary page. it can be accessed here

i’ll keep you up-to-date on everything going on with godabuzz, and any new URLs they have. until then, keep downloading!

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