God Option! I wear underwear on my head!

Can we ban this option from polls?

where are the No option so we normal can vote to :stuck_out_tongue:

but then that would be one less option for people to choose

oh by the way I picked God Option! I wear underwear on my head! :stuck_out_tongue:

If you vote for #2 you are implying no anyway. Therefore yes is the only needed option.

A whooping 100% likes #2 better than #1

People will vote yes. You’ll see. I tell you. They will vote yes. Really.

3 to 1 atm … Underpants on head …NOW!

5:1 now…just one quick question…do thongs count as underpants? if so then count me in…!

Depends on how you wear the thong. For example, if donned like an eye patch, I can not see (out of one eye atleast) how it would qualify. That sounds more like someone who is searching for porn with pirates!!!

And yes, I wear underpants on my head!!!

Scooby-doo underoos!

no, why?

No … never …

/me loves wearing underwear on my head

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on Ben’s head!

Wearing underwear on ones head rocks - everybody loves it :slight_smile:


boxers not briefs… on my head

A small detail …