God Help us from these low quality CD-Rs

I am totally confused.

I stay in Bombay India where nowadays finding a good quality CD-R is becoming virtually impossible.

To begin with, all the discs viz SAMSUNG 52X,IMATION 48X,MMORE 48X,MOSERBAER PRO 52X are coming out of a single MBI factory.Now what exactly is in that factory is a real mystery.

Not even a single disc burns successfully at 48x.First I thought there must be something wrong with LG burner which i had bought a few weeks back.But then all those old Moserbaer Pro 52X,Benq gold 48x CDs were burning perfectly.

I have inspected the spoilt Cds.All of them carry some faint rings if looked at from a particular angle. On these rings the CDs are totally unreadable. :sad:

On top of that all the good quality TY,Ritek,Ricoh,Verbatim,Benq brands have dissappeared from the market.

MBI has a monoply out here & it is out there to just make huge profits.The Quality control is a thing of the past now.No one seems to look at the matter.The japnese brands are not interested in entering the markets because of the price constraints.

Certainly are gone those old days when quality did come at cost.
The Moserbaer needs to take this issue very seriously before it is too late.

If anyone is facing such a problem this is the thread to start with.

Or is something seriously wrong with the writer… :confused:

I would try burning using a different burner - maybe even 2 or 3 burners !
Try with a LiteOn for sure… my liteon has probably been the best for burning CDs - NEC for DVDs…but am not sure of this media - never heard of it before ( here in US )

Also try burning at a slower speed - does that work ? Maybe 36x - after all the time saved between that and 48x is not that much.

Try and try again till you get the combination right :slight_smile:

Now I tried TDK Gold (CMC) burning at a Low 24X speed since burning at 48X gave me rings as mentioned earlier.The rings are much faint at that speed hence the cd is not totally unreadble but on those rings the errors are pretty large.This is what I got :bow:

I have noticed 3 faint rings underneath & this is reflected in the quality scan
Now what should I do about the rings.Please help :sad: