God Damned OGM files!

this has been annoying me for days, i have a film that is in OGM format, it has two audio and one subtitle tracks, and plays wel in VLC. I want to be able to watch it in my standalone DVD player, which can play almost any other format except OGM!, typical, So AVi MPEG, DIVX no problem, but how??

I have been able to convert the Video to avi etc with ffmpegX but it had no audio track had a fiddle with the settings but could’nt work it out. I only need one audio track and the video from the OGM so i dont have to worry about the subs and the other track. Any Ideas Guys???

P.S to throw a spanner in the works Im using a MAC !!!

hmmm, well, there are some guides @ spank me

They all seem to be for windows, like i said i am using a mac, any specifically for macs??

thanks a bunch!!!