God Damn Overclockers Using Forced Type Cookies

or whatever the hell they’re using. Haven’t visit that place in ages, so I checked in today to see what they had to bitch about the latest techs. Running Panther and using Safari, I went in the out of no where, this freaking file named ads.ad-flow.com appeared on my DT. I was like, WTF, Safari’s a POS, it can’t block shit. So I pulled up FireFox and went to the site again. This time, a window popped up and asked if I want to save the binary ads.ad-flow.com file to my DT. Hell no! I cancelled it, but then this other file, an Excel EXE, w/ randomly generated name popped onto my DT. You can’t be effing serious!!! And this is not just for the home page, but every effing article link!!! Those mofos must be really really poor to go as low as planting files on people’s DT w/o consent, and by passing pop-up and no auto exe filters.

Run AdAware :iagree:

Unfortunately, the talented people who wrote Ad-Aware and Spybot didn’t bother to waste time on a Mac version.

Well this is getting general software but hey, since you’re using a Mac I’ll make an exception :wink:
Try this s… stuff.

You use a mac?

closes door

LOL. I use both Macs and PCs. PC for whatever season does a better job blocking the cookie on this particular site. Weird.

Whats the site, I wanna see if my IE with popupcop blocks it.


FireFox 0.9 on PC has no problem blocking the file from planting its ass on my DT. Let me try IE… Hmmm… nothing shows up on my DT. Let me do a Ad-aware and Spybot check… Nothing from Spybot, but Ad-aware found 3 Data Miner Tracking Cookies.

Ran a full scan, did minor cleaning, went to website, ran clean again, nothing installed, I think my popupcop killed it…yay