Goback Churns Disk Constantly?



I have the NORTON SYSTEMWORKS 2002 and decided to install GOBACK yesterday. I noticed this afternoon my HD was being hit constantly. I killed off everything that I could find and it was still being written to or more likely read. I finally killed off GOBACK and all is back to normal.

Was this normal behavior for GOBACK?


JCL Master


I had the same problem with Go Back after it installs it continually accessing the H/D.

I stopped using it because of this problem and ended up going back to System Restore which is about as much good as a chocolate teapot but its better that nothing.

There is a solution but I can’t remember where I read about it, perhaps ROXIO could shed some light on it as its their product.

Sorry I am not much help, but if you do get sorted out email me with the solution, vice versa



The spawn of all evil things. I installed that application myself and had all kinds of problems with it and like you I couldnt find out what was causing all the ruckus and then I discovered it, mindlessly running. I have seen all kinds of things ubnder winxp start running like a dog and not stoppable. For instance I shut some of the services off and that caused the xp box to start hogging cpu cycles in the last svchost file. Finally figured it out and now it runs like its supposed to