I want to try and burn my go4’s at 8x. Would i just use the omnipatcher and patch my liteon 812’s with the stocked firmware and just tick 8x on the g04’s or do i have to change any write strategies?



I was reading in one the fourms that someone was burning G04s at 8x with the MXLR02 strategy. Does that mean when u change the strategy, u have to change it for the 4x as well… ??


anyone? or i guess no one can help…might have to check later on…


The forums are quiet on the weekends. Asking “why hasn’t anyone responded” only about an hour after asking the original question is not giving people much time.

Anyway, if you use MXL, you’ll have to hack MXL up to 8x. As for if the strat switch is necessary, that depends. Some people get their best burns using stock G04, some get their best using G06, some get their best with one of the MXLs. YMMV.


I like the gigastore gsc003 for my g04’s