GO4 burning well on 2500a


Just burnt 4 discs to see what works for me here.

Interestingly the GO4 i burnt on the 2500a is playing back fine on a very picky set top player .

It is a Ridisk with a video reel overprint on it supplied by Blankdiskshop.co.uk. @.51 pence ea ! DVDInfopro reports GO4.

Had no issues during burning. Clonedvd ver 2 was used to transcode the vid and burn out to disk. Burnt without any problem at all and plays back on a JVC TH9R. Off topic but the image quality is superb and not dark at all as others are reporting from using Clonedvd 2.

I really was’t expecting the ritek to work but the proof is in the pudding so its said …and this pud tastes nice !!

The firmware i am using was obtained off pdu’s sig. I belive its a dangerous brothers hack.

I burnt at 4x. Would love to do a scan but dont have the program or know how to post it here (yet)

hope that may help some of you fellow U.K’ers who hae been having problems with GO4’s



Here’s my latest Ritek G04 burn on the 2500A, they all come out like this: