Go Nero!

Okay, i use nero for about everything, i have Ahead Nero 6 Ultra Edition, and it does everything, its simple to make a music Cd or copy a Game CD, THe only problem i have with it, is that one you underburn… or soemthing you cant right anythng else on the disk, which is a problem becasue when i was younger i used to put one track of music on each CD, is there anyway to undercut this protection?

it’s not a protection…that’s the nature of CD-R media.

you cannot modify contents on a CD-R (unless you burned it with multisession and left the disc unfinalized…but you’d know if you chose this option)

if they were burned on CD-RW discs then you’d be able to add, delete, and modify contents all you want.

Not really, you would still have to use it in the same way as a CD-R by adding stuff - unless some form of Packet Writing software is used instead.

Unlike CD-R media you can however erase CD-RW media and start all over with a blank disc.

Packet Writing software such as Nero InCD, Sonic DLA or Roxio Drag-to-Disc, will turn your CD-RW into something that works similarly to a big floppy disk, where you can drag-and-drop files in Windows Explorer, and Packet Writing software does allow you to delete or overwrite files and reclaim the space.

Many people have experienced problems and software conflicts when using Packet Writing software, so I can’t really recommend it.

Yep, can’t say I would either.