Go Media decoder



I have a video file that apparently requires a “GO Media decoder”. I have never dealt with this codec. Does anybody know where I can find a free copy of this Go Media decoder?


Sounds like a scam, what is the file extension? Try and run the file thru G-Spot and see what it says.


it is a .avi extension. When I try to play the .AVI file (about 700MB), it just comes up with a message that says the following: “This movie can only be viewed using GO Media Player”. Again, I have never heard of this player and/or codec


Ok, That is a scam save your money.


OK, so this 700MB video file is useless? Actually, I just played the file again and it does have another part. It tells me to go to movielooney.org/software. I was hoping to maybe find this codec for free if possible, but maybe its all not on the up-and-up.


It really doesn’t look to be on the up-and-up, sorry. :frowning:

There are virtually no hits for that type of codec anywhere, and Google searches point to needing to go to torrent sites and some sites I wouldn’t recommend going on.


It Is A Scam…


OK, enough said. I guess I’ll move on and just delete the file…Thanks for the input & recommendations though


Buddy, it’s an scam file Beware of it.


I am also having problems watching a downloaded movie - saying the same. Even though I have being two other movies from Vuze today. Can’t even find the place to download it. Have not been asked to pay anything. But have already several media players… Guess I just download it again, choozing another torrent…



Did you not read what the poster said “SCAM”…that all that needs to be said. Want the movie go buy the DVD!! and avoid all this hassle of infected malware and virus torrents. Plus this is like way old posting and the read of it should tell you that your wasting your time. This posting should’ve been a warning avoid those torrents…