Go Illini

All you stateside cdfreakers might know what I’m talking about! Go Illini! Final four!

//will be at legends next saturday early, anyone else local to champaign/urbana and going out for the game?

sniff the hell with you guys. ill get drunk without you

Aww look at poor ckin :stuck_out_tongue:
I guess it had to do with basketball. Or baseball. Or cricket.

aww ckin just heard they lost…sorry dude…

Kidding…they won… :bow:

Congratulations on getting to the final game. It is a shame that North Carolina is going to blow the Illini out of the building. But don’t get down you are playing the best and most talented team in College Hoops. Go Tar Heels.

the same carolina team that lost to wake forest? laugh

carolina’s good wins away from home :

(teams illinois owned)

and they lost by 13 to wake? //individuals a team do not make

The Tar Heels will play hard in this game. When they play hard, with their talent, they will win.

Heh- I grew up in Champaign Illinois! I can’t believe I saw this post in the living room. :bigsmile: :cool: I wish I was there right now, that town knows how to party anyway. (Green Street :stuck_out_tongue: ) Now with the Illini in the top of their form, it’s crazy over there. I still have family living in Urbana, My nephew graduated from the UofI and he and his wife were at the game this weekend and were stoked as hell about it. I hope like heck they can kick Carolinas *ss. :bow:

I thought it was snooker.

I hope they win…i’d like to see ckin drunk again …hes sooooo funny when he is…

Then it looks like he is going to be sober.

I still have no idea what game we are talking about here. So I am gonna assume it is land hockey. Go India!

Basketball Air…and they lost by 5 points…:frowning:

Sorry for all you Illini freaks… but I was happy to see Roy Williams finally win one :slight_smile: .

I thought he was talking about curling. :stuck_out_tongue: :iagree:

me2 :D. just south of town. now school here - too bad we lost. 30000 people @ memorial stadium to welcome team back neways

And your team lost playing … what?

Snooker Namoh! :stuck_out_tongue:


I was almost sure it was with bobsleighing. :smiley: