Go here for firmwares and tools



I have set up a website (10MB limit! Sorry!!!). I have put as much as I can on the site. Hope it helps everyone!!! :iagree:

Go here The Black Wizard’s Lite-On Firmware Page


i made this some time ago and updated now: http://ltnodd.dl.am/

there are only the newest firmwares, omnipatched.




Just added firmwares for SOHD-167T & MANY SOSW-852S firmwares.


Added Nurples’ and Chok0’s links to my cdfreaks firmware page. Thanks guys :slight_smile:


Thanks guys. :iagree:

You all know this part of CDFreaks (although not all firmwares are listed and it’s not always up-to-date :stuck_out_tongue: ).


This is a definite proof for how good the Liteon-Community works together. I surely wont regret that I bought a 1673 for replacing my 1653 (which I give away to a friend)!

By the way, why do you use the Sony 800A firmware, BlackWizard?


Seeing that Lite-On are starting to use the same chipsets as sony counterparts, I was wanting to see if the Sony firmware was any better than Lite-Ons.

Conclusion - Hard to say, KY01 burn my crap RITEKG05s better than KS04, but KS04 burns my CMC MAG E01s better than KY01.

As usual, you win some, you lose some!!! :iagree:

PS. Am now testing Teac DV-W516GB vJ4S2(OEM 1673S) firmware


this week no data do burn …

The Black Wizard , please help me test the TEAC firmware… hehe


Burning on J4S2 now.


Also have updated my site. Hope people like “improvements”

The Black Wizard’s Lite-On Firmware Page


Seeing as I am using my OWN bandwidth to host my firmware page, if you are getting CRAP download speed :confused: (probably because I’m downloading like a psycho), e-mail me and will RECTIFY IMMEDIATELY!! :smiley: C0deKing :cool: can confirm this. Enjoy!!!


Keep Up The Good Work :


The Black Wizard




Just To Mention A Few…


Thanks Pulsee. By the way, how’s the TRUE 1693S?


Nurples - Hosting i just send him files :slight_smile:


@The Black Wizard

I Have’nt Done A Lot Of Testing With The Lite-:oN SOHW-1693S
I Currently Have Only 2 Types Of 16x Media To Test With:

It Hates The DVD+R TDK 003, Not To Shabby On The DVD-R TDK TTH02.

What I’ve Seen So Far Regarding 8x It’s Very Good.


Added another section to firmware page. Now seperate Lite-On section. Included a couple of others also.