Go Flames Go!

Put it in the win column!
We’re going to the dance baby!!!

Downtown Calgary is going absolutely CRAZY right now. Every car honking it’s horn, the flame atop the Calgary Tower is lit, fans hooting and hollering on the streets. I even saw a hot chick flashing her boobs at passing cars.

The Flames missed the playoffs seven years in a row and hadn’t made it past the first round in fifteen. No one would have imagined this at the beginning of the year. No one.
I only have one thing to say. Stanley Cup final, here we come!!!

WTF? Since when did you moved to Calgary CAN and became a NHL fanboy? Correction, I meant to say fatfan.

Thanks for dragging down the excitement! :Z
I’ve been a HUGE NHL fan my whole life. I’ve lived in Calgary for two years now. The Oilers are my first team, but living in Calgary they’ve quickly become my number two team. They are both from Alberta (the province I live in) after all! The city is just buzzing with Flames fever right now. It’s great! :bigsmile:

The Flames win game one in Tampa Bay!
Only three more wins to drink from Lord Stanley’s cup!!!

:bow: :bow: :bow:

Only two more baby! WOO-HOO!!!

:bow: :bow:

I’ve been running my points up in a hockey poll thanks to the Flames. I’m sitting in 2nd place now. Guy in first has Tampa. I went with the Flames. They win the Cup and I win the pool :). Even though I’m a Devils fan I’ll agree with you. Go Flames Go.

Methinks flames are pretty…

Torch the NHL! :stuck_out_tongue:

Only one more win to drink from Lord Stanley’s Cup!



PS- www.flamesgirls.com (not work safe, boobies there be at this link ;))

OMG! The deciding game 7 starts in 15 mintes!!!
I’m so nervous I could puke. :stuck_out_tongue:


Maybe you should’ve posted the link in [thread=97447]this thread[/thread] instead. :wink: :wink:

Half time, 2-0 Bolts. It’s OVER!!!

2-1 Bolts. It’s really really OVER!!!

@Ssseth, sorry to see the Flames go down but they went down fighting…
I am very impressed with how far they went this year. :wink:
Congratulations to the Tampa Bay Lightning.
Now we just have to wait and see if hockey is going to continue next year or if the squabbling is going to kill the sport… :sad:

Awww man!!! :sad:

Oh well, it was one helluva series. Credit goes to the Lightning for a a great season. The Flames weren’t even supposed to make the playoffs so we can still be proud of what we’ve done this year.

GG. :bigsmile:

Congrats TBL & Ruslan Fedotenko in particular with the honored victory !!!