Gnutella weakness could incriminate an innocent file sharer

I just posted the article Gnutella weakness could incriminate an innocent file sharer.

  Recent research highlighting security weaknesses in a popular internet  file-sharing network has shown that innocent users could in theory be wrongly  accused of sharing copyrighted music.The...
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It also describes methods for tricking users into inadvertently downloading copyrighted files so that they actually host these files.
what nonsense. if you don’t know what’s going on on your own computer, then stop using it, in fact stop living at all. These are just excuses, nothing more: “sorry, your honesty Judge, I had Madonna’s newest album on my harddrive, but I was tricked into downloading it and into leaving it in my share folder and into leaving kazaa running”. yeah, my ass, says the judge and off you go to Sing Sing :B

You’d be surprised how stupid some people are :slight_smile:

Yea, they have to be pretty stupid if they have any of Madonna’s albums on their computers… :d :wink:

Lol, actually, people hardly ever look at their shared folders. I even came close to a certain (buggy) software which added random folders as shares in Edonkey2000 :slight_smile: