Gnutella still available on the web!



I just posted the article Gnutella still available on the web !.

Although AOL cancelled Gnutella, some people already got their hands on it, and some of those have put the program on the web. One of the sites that we found in the reactions that were posted below…

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oo nee geen nieuwe chocoladepasta of wat het ook was dat daar stond hehe

nice site with humor


Since the project was cancelled, it is now us users jab to continue the dist. of gnutella. thousands of users have the installer program on their hd’s and since this technology doesn’t require a server it is virtually unstoppable. No wonder AOL cancelled this project. this type of tool would be very difficult to regulate.


Ok… so let’s start downloading and using this! and make it bigger than Napster!


This is simply amazing.

You can download multiple copies of eg. WIN2K!! (zip of 300 meg)

hint: first thing you do: search for “gnutella” and update to the latest 50c version!


mhhh… klink cool. Ik ga het ff downloaden…


purement et simplement excellent!!!


Dit is wel vet! alleen moeten ze nog een keer een betere interface verzinnen!


What is Gnutella?


I think the link is down


yep, got something else


En dit moet de link zijn


Just wanted to drop a line about my Gnutella site, Gnutellinf.

If you have any questions, e-mail me. I’m pretty proficient with Gnutella.


WARNING: If you decide to downlooad with your newly installed Gnutella 50c version other files than mp3, be aware of the fact that as soon as you download exe.files you should have a pretty good virus alert proggy (e.g. AVP - Anti Viral Toolkit Pro from Kaspersky Lab in Moscow - )
As soon as you ask gnutella for all *.exe files, you will find in the list also a so-called newer version of gnutella: version 50d !!! DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS FILE, because it has a BACKDOOR VIRUS and will infect your system. The name of the virus is: Backdoor.SubSeven.21.b The size of this virusinfected file is 380835K.