Gnutella is NOT anonymous!

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Are you anonymous when using Napster or Gnutella? NO!
With Spyster you can see the IP Addresses and Ports of users who are…

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Yes, you can track those that are logged into you…

The key is, they have to be logged into YOU.

Unless Dr. Dre. or Metallica (personally their music sucks royally) hosts a server via gnutella, then allows their music to be downloaded, they can not track you. And, if they do host a gnutella server with their music, and allow others to download as to get the downloader’s ip addy, etc. this would be entrapment. So, they would be in a legal loophole. They can not prove that those downloading their crappy music do not already own the cd. Nor could they reveal how they obtained the downloader’s info. So what can they do—nothing. Moreso, they have no company to sue either… hehehe

Just my observation…

Mmm… Objection our honour!
Just kinda think that if they had set up a Gnutella node, then they are distributing their own music. Wich means that it ould be legal, at least for the downloader.

if your a little smart you just goto the dos prompt and type netstat -a and look for the napster or gnutella ports and you’ll see the hostname or ip spyster is just a fancy program for netstat


Had gnutella, lost it. where can i download it again?