Gnutella evolves: Gnucleus now also Ultrapeer support

I just posted the article Gnutella evolves: Gnucleus now also Ultrapeer support.

Zeropaid is reporting that Gnucleus has released a new beta version that has support for a new Gnutella network structure. Gnutella has learned from the much more effective structure used by…

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Where can I fing fasttrack?

Fasttrack = KaZaA.

so does gnucleus contain spyware or not? I would like to test it, but I am a little afraid about it possibly containing spyware

If you want to know if it contains spyware or not, download and install it, restart your system and run AdAware to check your system. You can get AdAware from: It’s free and will check ALL of your system for any spyware. gREEtz, nEXusJ :7

Gnucleus is open-source. If it had spyware in it everyone would and could know it!