Gnutella Developer Gene Kan, 25, Commits Suicide

I just posted the article Gnutella Developer Gene Kan, 25, Commits Suicide.

Observer, PuffPufffGive, electrician123 anf Reverend J used our newssubmit to tell us that one of the main figures in the Gnutella comminuty seems to have commited suicide.

When Gnutella…

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With such a successful life I cant imagine someone like this guy committing suicide and for some reason will not accept that. I dont know why thoughts of some type of coverup enter my mind. (Maybe to many movies) guy achieved all his goals. Just dont understand.

Yep suicide sounds pretty way out there and we will never no but do think this kind of stuff doesnt happen.America the beautiful and free yea right.If you believe that youre crazy more like america the corrupt and shameless


You’d be surprised at the kind of people that commit suicide, it’s often not the quiet mouse mat types everyone imagines. It’s often people who seem sucesses from the outside but inside just are not happy at all. Developing software doesn’t make you happy inside, it can just keep you busy and amused somewhat. It’s sad to hear when someone with talent dies and even worse when they kill themselves as it just speaks volumes about how unhappy they must have felt inside. I wish I could blame the RIAA for this saying it was a conspiracy but realistically it most probably wasn’t. RIP dude :frowning:

hmm… this is a cover up… i think everyone who reads this posting should take into consideration listening to this tune… Someway try and listen to this tune, and take take in the lyrics Rage Against The Machine - Know Your Enemy

This guy may have had preasures from the sort of folk discussed above but I would think it extremely unlikely he would take his own life simply coz of that. There must have been other factors involved which are totally unrelated to any topics discussed on this site. His family are witholding info. and every conspiracy theorist simply appears out of the woodwork and cries “Hey, there’s something going on here we don’t know about…”. Sorry guys, but we’ll never know. Let’s just let the guy rest in peace and praise all the good work he’s done for the community here. I opened a can of beans the other day and it wasn’t quite as full as it normally is… hmmm… must be a conspiracy. Hang on fellas… back in a jiffy… Mulder’s at the door. Rest GK… :c

hmmm ever heard od depression it does strange things to people.ever heard of club 27 with people like Jimmy Hendrics Jim Harrison Janice Joplin Kurt Cobain and many more they all committed suicide as well do you think all there deaths are strange as well to think its a conspiracy is silly there are bigger fish than him in the pirate world they would want to get rid of first. silly boy achieved nothing now but heart ache for those left behind. my condollences to his family and friends and we should leave it be now. sorry if this offends anyone:c