Gnutella cancelled by AOL!



I just posted the article Gnutella cancelled by AOL !.

Delerium used our submit form to report that:

AOL, owner of Nullsoft, has forbidden them to continue with Gnutella as we reported about yesterday.

The website that gave access to the…

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mjah, you see, money always wins, i guess TW complained to AOL bout it together with some $$$ and AOL shuts its down just like that but pfff, wo will use it if you already got Nap ?? it sure has to be a lot beter before i start using it (if they actually make it a hobby project )


AOL cancelling a project… heh, not so surprising news… after all, haven’t we already seen a lot of mp3/cdr/software related sites, once 100% illegal, now licking some corporate @#$ in hope of some flashy banners? Or even jumping on the RIAA/BSA/WHATEVER train just to show how nice legitimate kids they are?
The bottom line: Winamp and its creator closed their circle…


Bah!! I actually paid $10.00 for it. If I would have known AOL was buying it…I definitely wouldn’t have.


Gutella dead? It’s alive and rocking!! Visit for download and a list of working servers. Seems you can set up a kind of private network with Gnutella to swap any kind of files. Looks like a promising thing for all us freaks.