Gnutella and IPadress



Heard about Gnutella? Interesting prog. To use it I need to know my IPadress. How do I get to know this adress? Who can give me a hint? For more news on Gnutella visit (dutch site)


In windows click start, then run…
type in: winipcfg
and press ok…

In this prog you select the device used for your internet connection…and you’ll see the IP adress…


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Can someone tell me where to download??



Try this one:

Take a look at his site, and you know how he got the prog :wink:

Those who don’t get it, take a look at the guy’s sleave, it says…

And then there was nothing


Ha’s anyone tried out a one on one connection with Gnutella? I looks like it should be possible to connect to a single IPadress. You can swap files with a friend in this way, without anyone interrupting (or knowing). Enter his IPadress and connect. Who has done this and what are your findings?