Gnullsoft Gnutella .50c is out



Gnutella is Gnullsoft's first software offering, and will be a GPL, open-source fully distributed search and download system for media and archive files. Gnutella is similar to the concept of Napster. Instead of having users connect to a single server, slowing down things, Gnutella allows each user to connect to each other directly. When doing searches, Gnutella will search recursively through everybody you're connected to and then to everybody they are connected to and so on. During this initial development cycle, development is being done only on the Windows 32bit system, and is closed. Once 1.0 is released, source will be available for bringing Gnutella to many platforms

get it here:
or :

be aware firewalls must be off


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im using it fine with zonealarm and black ice defender running, i just had to find a ip to hook up to and if you read the list in the gnutella forum theres a huge list to choose from…


Yep your right, completly

my mistake


the only thing i hate about the gnutella .50c im using is that it hogs 100% of the cpu and lags the rest of the system but other than that it is a good proggie from what i have used so far…
for the mem leaks it may have i just got memturbo 1.5 installed hoping it fixes it but i havent had any problems with it yet…
its a mp3 heaven…is there any other docs on it available yet? that i may have missed? if so please let me know…
catch ya L8tr…