Gnucleus (a Windows Gnutella client) version 1.7.3 released

I just posted the article Gnucleus (a Windows Gnutella client) version 1.7.3 released.

xpire let’s us know that a new version of Gnucleus has been released. Gnucleus is an open-source Gnutella client for Windows.

Changes in this version:


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Wow, Gnucleus… i haven’t heard much about this program in a while. Has anyone ever had any luck with this program? I’ve downloaded several different versions on many different occasions, and I can rarely download what I want. Gnutella network, BAD!

Cost: FREE :slight_smile: Spyware: NONE :slight_smile: Source: INCLUDED :slight_smile:

it says in the changes “SuperNodes implemented”. are these fast track type supernodes that are going to make the whole network work faster?

it’s not bad but I like filetopia better. no spyware no adware and no porn even

I love it…! What every program should be like!

Alright Geezerz ! I’m a Gnucleus virgin - infact I cranked it up for da 1st time Today and well basically I wreckon itz pretty sweet. Da sucka seemz stable - not flaky like most of 'em and it also seemz to work quite well wiv plenty of files of all types available. I wreckon itz one of thoze rare pieces of kit that has been pretty well thought out - in as much az ya not bombarded by loadsa complex shite nobody really cares about - but if ya want it then itz there in all itz glory 4 u to find - such as performance, memory and CPU usage etc. (which my geeky side really likez !) People can use it without knowing itz (the geeky stuff) there. But at-the-end-of-the-day (as Beckham luvz to say) itz down to how many people are on the network, and It’d be cool if we were all using da same one instead of the kinda fragmented situation we have at da mo. Datz enuff from me. Laterz … . :4