Have a Standard CD-ROM drive in XP Pro operating System.
Downloaded a file from Limewire. It is in NeroMediaPlayer media file format.
Can this file be converted from this format to MP3 playable in Cool edit Pro and windows media players
Thanks for your consideration
Graham Norris (Nogger)

Read the rules … here ->

There is no mention of what is in this downloaded file. Without specifics, we always give members here the benefit of a doubt on legality.

As to the question…as far as I am aware, Nero Media Player does not have its own specific file format. It may have changed the icon so that this type of file is associated with the Nero Player, and always opens with it, but the original file type is unchanged.

Thanks Kerry. At 75 a slow learner with low span Memory.
Message received and understood but a long way to go before I know how to manage this site efficiently
Kind Regards
Graham Norris

Right click on the file, and select PROPERTIES ->
The general tab will list the full name, and tell you the “TYPE OF FILE”.

If it’s a media file, you should be able to find the SUMMARY tab & then press the advanced button, and it will list some basic information about the video/audio.

If it’s an ISO file, then the nero suite includes the nero disc mounter which will give you access to the image contents, without burning the disc to cd/dvd.

G’day Debro. Many thanks for your Informative Quote. Am saving it to a folder for future reference.
Desperate for a certain record and tried Limewire to download it. It did but was in WMA formatand mentioned it was a Nero file.requiring Nero Player.
To cut a long story short. Have Uninstalled and deleted Limewire.
Not a fan of Nero either.
Once again, "thanks for your assistance which was of great Help to me"
Kind Regards

Play it in WINAMP (try older versions if they refuse to use the discwriter plugin) and select the output plugin as DISCWRITER.
This will dump them on your HDD as WAV.

From there, you can convert them to MP3, AAC, VQF, OGG-Vorbis & any other portable format you want, using practically any program you want.